Book, Music and Lyrics by Phil Dennis, Catherine Lomax & Khiley Williams

Based on the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale


Let your hair down with a host of lively characters in this new musical version of the childhood classic, Rapunzel.



Sophia is desperate for a baby of her own. Her husband Karl cannot bear to see her upset any longer and realising their lonely neighbour is their last chance he begs for Gothel’s help. Gothel offers Karl a magic herb from her garden, but the price is high! Sophia and Karl will get the baby they long for but on Rapunzel’s sixteenth birthday she must be returned to Gothel.  Years later, trapped in a Tower, Rapunzel has grown into a beautiful and clever young woman but will she ever get out of the Tower and return home? Longing for adventure and freedom and with only Viktor, the bird, for company how will Rapunzel ever escape? Can Prince Freddie save the day or will Rapunzel never make it home?

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You’re the one


The Love I’m Owed


Find Her



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Full Synopsis

Full Synopsis

Act 1

Opening with a large celebration in the Zucker family sweet shop we herald the birthday celebrations of young Prince Freddie in This Royal Day of Days. Sophia and Karl Zucker, surrounded by all their friends in the village are delighted to welcome the Royal family and meet the prince. However once the celebrations have come to an end we discover how desperately Sophia longs for a child of her own to complete her and Karl’s family. Karl, a kind and generous man who will do anything for his wife realises he only has one option and goes to visit Gothel the village wise woman and outcast.

Gothel discovers Karl searching in her garden looking for a powerful and magical root that will help Sophia fall pregnant. Gothel catches him red-handed and strikes a deal, she will help the Zuckers by giving Karl the magical root but on their daughter’s sixteenth birthday she will take the child. Karl is forced to agree seeing no other way to help his wife. At this stage we meet Viktor the Woodpecker who acts as Gothel’s conscience. Viktor also enables us to see that Gothel does have a heart and is just desperately lonely.

Rapunzel soon arrives and the village and her parents celebrate in The Precious Gift of You that they have this fabulous young lady as she grows from baby to a young woman.

Meanwhile, in the Royal Palace, Prince Freddie is under pressure to find a wife. His family has invited Princesses from around the World but no one captures his heart. He confides in his best friend Benedict the pressures he feels under during this very comic scene which culminates in the full company number The Royal Line.

The action returns to Gothel in her garden preparing to take Rapunzel that evening at her sixteenth birthday party. Gothel’s show-stopping number, The Love I’m Owed perfectly encapsulates Gothel’s desperation to be loved without fully understanding what love is! Gothel arrives at Rapunzel’s birthday party and snatches the birthday girl from under her parent’s noses and the Villagers unite in their anger vowing to find Rapunzel and exact revenge upon Gothel in this dramatic end of Act 1.

Act 2

Two years have passed and we discover the beautiful Rapunzel alone in her tower reprising the lullaby sung to her by her parents. Gothel appears and we discover the only way in and out of Rapunzel’s Tower is to climb her incredibly long plaited hair.

We soon discover that Rapunzel longs to be free and back with her family whom she loves and misses but Gothel cannot understand why Rapunzel feels that way when all she wants to do is keep her safe from the dangers of the outside World.

Prince Freddie and Benedict are strolling through the forest when they hear Rapunzel singing and see Gothel leaving the Tower. Prince Freddie is captivated at the sound of Rapunzel’s voice and is desperate to meet her so he climbs her hair having seen that it is the only way to gain entrance and meets the girl of his dreams. The beautiful duet, You’re the One, encapsulates their love at first sight and his desire and determination to save her.

As Prince Freddie leaves the Tower Gothel sees him and feeling betrayed argues with Rapunzel and cuts her hair forcing her to leave the Tower and wander alone through the forest. When the Prince returns to save Rapunzel he is confronted by Gothel who throws his out of the Tower where he lands in a bed of briars and loses his sight. Rapunzel hearing Freddie’s cries finds him in the forest as the two declare their love for one another his sight is restored by true love’s kiss.

Prince Freddie takes Rapunzel back to the Royal Palace where she is reunited with her parents and the full company celebrate her homecoming and their wedding.

Cast List

Cast List

10 lead roles

7 supporting roles

Flexible ensemble group featured Villagers and Courtiers


Rapunzel is kind, friendly and brave. She always sees the good in everyone and longs for an adventure and the opportunity to live outside of her tower.


In most other versions of Rapunzel Gothel is often considered the Witch of the story but in our version we have written her as a lonely woman who is desperate to find love. Ostracised by the other villagers Gothel is only called upon when anyone needs medicine so when Karl comes calling Gothel seizes her only chance of happiness by helping him in exchange for Rapunzel on her sixteenth birthday.

Prince Freddie

A handsome, strong and kind traditional Prince. Freddie refuses to give in to Royal protocol and won’t marry until he finds the woman he loves. Freddie’s’ best friend and man-servant Benedict is the only one who understands the young Prince and together they provide a lot of the comedy within the show. This role requires excellent comedic timing and a strong Tenor voice.

Sophia – Rapunzel’s Mum 

Desperate to have a child of her own Sophia spends her days working in the family sweet shop with children around her all the time. She longs for become a Mother and tried her hardest to hide her disappoint from her husband Karl. She is kind, friendly and loving.

Karl – Rapunzel’s Dad

Karl is a family man, whether it’s moving heaven and earth to keep his wife happy or entertaining all of young Rapunzel’s friend he will do anything in his power to keep his small family healthy and happy. The irony is that because of the deal he struck with Gothel his family will be ripped apart on his daughter’s sixteenth birthday. As owner of the best sweet shop in the land he is popular, friendly and a pillar of the village community.

Benedict – Man-Servant

Prince Freddie’s best friend Benedict will do anything for Freddie and has a full understanding of the requirements of Royal life. He often helps bridge the gap between the older members of the Royal family and Prince Freddie. This role requires great comedy timing.

King Constantine 

The kind and generous King, he is benevolent and generous and determined to leave his Kingdom in the best possible hands, training his son, Prince Freddie to be the kind and thoughtful and protective of his people and country.

Ida – Queen Mum

A comedy figure throughout this older lady is extremely opinionated and snobby. As one of the heads of the Royal household she sees it as her mission to get Freddie married off.

Viktor the Woodpecker

Viktor is almost Gothel’s conscience until Rapunzel is locked in her Tower and he becomes Rapunzel’s confidant and friend. This role can either be played by a puppeteer or a great physical actor.

Head Courtier

Pompous and funny assistant to the Queen Mother. Lots of opportunity for comedy.


Pavel (Male Ensemble)

Aldo (Male Ensemble)

Mathilde (Female Ensemble)

Aliz (Female Ensemble)

Winfried (Female Ensemble)

Berta (Female Ensemble)

Song List

This Royal Day of Days 

Full Company number set in the Zucker Sweet Shop celebrating Prince Freddie’s birthday.

The number features a dance break.

Life’s Sweetest Thing 

Sophia and Karl

The Precious Gift of You 

Full Company number set in the Zucker Sweet Shop shortly after Rapunzel’s birth featuring villagers.

Courtly Dance 

Ensemble dance opportunity.

The Royal Line 

Full Company number set in the Royal Palace featuring the courtiers with solo lines for the King, Queen Ida, Freddie, Benedict & Head Courtier.

The Love I’m Owed 


Find Her

Full Company number set in the Zucker Sweet Shop shortly after Gothel has taken Rapunzel. Dramatic and powerful end to Act 1.

Sweetest Thing Reprise 

Opening of Act 2 –  Rapunzel

Gilded Cage 

Rapunzel and Gothel

Imagination Roams 

Free Rapunzel, possible option to add bird chorus.

You’re the One 

Rapunzel and Prince Freddie


Full Company number set in the Royal Palace featuring the courtiers with solo lines for the King, Queen Ida, Freddie, Benedict & Head Courtier.

The Bells Ring Out 

Full Company number set in the Royal Palace celebrating Rapunzel’s safe return and marriage to Prince Freddie.

Celebration Reprise 

Full Company number set in the Royal Palace.

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