Alice In Wonderland

Alice In Wonderland – the Musical (School Licence)

Book, Music and Lyrics by Phil Dennis, Catherine Lomax & Khiley Williams

Based upon the story by Lewis Carroll

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Join Lewis Carroll’s famous Alice on her magical adventure through Wonderland – chase the White Rabbit and tumble down the rabbit hole with Alice into a delightful world full of curious characters including the Mad Hatter and March Hare, an eccentric bubble-blowing caterpillar, a grinning Cheshire Cat and the cheating Queen of Hearts. Featuring brand new toe-tapping songs, this childhood classic is ideal for the whole family!

Full Synopsis

Opening with the first number, So Who’d Ask For More, the Lyndhurst Villagers are all celebrating at the Village fayre. Alice appears in all the merriment searching for her pet cat, Dinah but she gets caught up when she sees a White Rabbit with a pocket watching announcing he is running late.

Intrigued Alice follows him, jumping down the rabbit hole into a land of adventure. Feeling like she has been falling forever Alice soon finds herself next to a table on which there is a cake, a bottle and a key. Eating the cake and drinking from the bottle in turn make Alice grow and shrink until in her desperation she starts to cry. All her tears result in her swimming through the door’s keyhole where she meets the Dodo and a host of eccentric characters who are all preparing for The Caucus Racing Set.  Fast and funny the Caucus Race is very high energy and all of the racers win the race and are rewarded with prizes but as they weren’t expecting Alice she is rewarded with her very own thimble!

Alice is soon distracted though as the White Rabbit appears once again declaiming he is running late and so Alice dashes off after him. When she finds the White Rabbit he completely confuses her by calling her Mary Ann and instructing her to search for his missing scarf, hat and fan. Alice, who can barely get a word in edgeways is left so surprised by the White Rabbit that she goes in search of his missing items and soon finds herself at his burrow where she meets his Housekeeper and all the animals that look after his home, including Bill the Lizard and Owl.

The Housekeeper welcomes Alice, even though she too calls her Mary Ann and welcome her in the number You’re Always Welcome Here. Eventually they do find the White Rabbit’s hat, scarf and gloves, just in time as he returns and then dashes off immediately with Alice following him once again.

Having lost site of the White Rabbit Alice meets the Caterpillar. By this time Alice is so confused about who and where and what she is she asks the Caterpillar for advice but all he does is confuse her even more.  Fortunately Alice next meets the friendly Cheshire Cat with his famous grin. The Cheshire Cat explains to Alice that everyone is mad in Wonderland that she must be mad too or she wouldn’t be there, before he points her in the direction of the Mad Hatter and March Hare’s Tea party.

At her wits end Alice sits down and joins the Tea Party despite being uninvited and joins in the riddles and game playing. The Act finished with the fabulously funny and high octane Tea Party number.

The second Act finds Alice in the Palace Gardens where she discovers a group of cards painting white roses red. When Alice asks why they explain they had planted the wrong colour and if they don’t fix the problem the Queen will cut of their heads. Alice refuses to believe the Queen could be so scary and that’s when the Queen makes her big entrance with her show-stopping number Off With The Heads.

When the Queen notices Alice she asks who she is and why she is there but before she can really answer the Queen yells, “Off with her head!” The King stops her and Alice begins to play a game of croquet. The Queen is clearly cheating and declares herself the winner. When Alice tries to argue, the queen threatens to behead her again! No matter what Alice will say or do, the Queen will threaten to behead her. The Queen asks Alice if she has seen the Mock Turtle. She replies that she does not even know what a mock turtle is. The Queen is appalled and insists that Alice go and hear his story.

The Queen passes her off to the Gryphon and tells him to take her to the Mock Turtle. As he tells his story, the White Rabbit rushes in announcing that the trial is about to begin. Everyone runs off to the courtroom. The trial, like everything in Wonderland seems like total nonsense. All of the characters Alice had met are being called as witnesses and they are all displaying their madness and idiosyncrasies. As everything builds Alice gets worked into a frenzy, the cards seem to take over her completely. She suddenly awakes back in Lyndhurst and is discovered by the Town Cryer, who bears a striking resemblance to the Cheshire Cat. Alice realises that she has only been dreaming. But what a curious dream it was!

Cast List

8 Lead Roles

8 Supporting Roles

Flexible Ensemble group made up of School Children, Village Folk, Playing Cards and various Wonderland Creatures


A little girl who has an insatiable curiosity about her surroundings. Wonderland challenges and at times annoys her but she meets some amazing characters and makes lots of friends along the way. Alice is kind and good natured.

White Rabbit

Frantic and always in a rush he is the Wonderland creature that originally leads Alice to Wonderland. The White Rabbit is manic, timid, forgetful and occasionally bossy.

Town Cryer & Cheshire Cat    

There are clear parallels between these two characters who are always grinning and who both seem to appear and disappear at will. In Wonderland the Cheshire Cat becomes Alice’s fiend and tries to explain Wonderland’s madness.

Colonel & Caterpillar  

The Colonel is supposedly a well-travelled member of    the village though we are never quite sure if he has really been anywhere else. There is an-old style Colonial era feel to the Colonel while the Caterpillar role is exotic and faintly Maharaja-esque. The Caterpillar sits on a mushroom, blows bubbles and treats Alice with contempt.

Milliner & Mad Hatter  

As the Milliner in the Village he is the one that everyone goes to for new clothes. He enjoys a ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ relationship with the Baker and between them they try and encourage all the Village to eat fresh cakes which in turn makes them need to buy more new clothes in bigger sizes! There are parallels between the Milliner and Mad Hatter aside from the hat/clothes making. They are both interested in cake and enjoy frustrating Alice.

Baker & March Hare    

The Baker and the March Hare are very similar. The Baker in the Village has a great relationship with the Milliner and the same can be said for the March Hare and the Mad Hatter. They are great companions, have a devotion to tea and cake and enjoy frustrating Alice.

Miss Card & Queen of Hearts    

Miss Card and the Queen of Hearts are clearly the leading authority figures in Alice’s real life and Wonderland. They are both very powerful women. Miss Card is very strict but she clearly cares for the children in her class while the as the Queen she is severe and domineering, continually screaming for her subjects to be beheaded.

King of Hearts          

As the King of Hearts he is the co-ruler of Wonderland. The King is ineffectual and generally likeable; he lacks the Queen’s ruthlessness and undoes her orders of execution.


The Knave is constantly being berated by the Queen and is ultimately forced to defend himself against the stealing of the infamous Jam Tarts.


The Dodo is like a Sergeant Major barking orders at the creatures around him. He has a self-inflated ego and very sure of his own importance in a comical way.


A servant to the Queen who befriends Alice. The Gryphon escorts Alice to see the Mock Turtle.

Mock Turtle    

The Mock Turtle is friendly to Alice but is very sentimental and self-absorbed.


The Duchess is the Queen’s cousin although the two clearly don’t get on. The Duchess behaves rudely to Alice at first, but later treats her so affectionately that her advances feel threatening.


The Dormouse is the Mad Hatter and March Hare’s companion. The Dormouse sits at the tea table and drifts in and out of sleep.

Rabbit’s Housekeeper    

A kindly soul the Rabbit’s Housekeeper obviously oversees the White Rabbit’s life and ensures everything runs as smoothly as possible for him.

Song List

So Who’d Ask For More

Full Company Number set in the Village Fayre featuring solo lines for the Town Cryer, Miss Card, Baker, Milliner, Colonel & Alice.

A Braver Me

Alice & offstage EnsembleThe Caucus Racing Set

The Caucus Racing Set

Full Company Number set in Wonderland featuring solo lines for the Dodo & Alice while creatures of Wonderland take part in a fantastical race umpired by the Dodo.

Dance Break included within this number

I’m Late

White Rabbit solo

You’re Always Welcome Here

Full Company Number featuring creatures of Wonderland welcoming Alice to the White Rabbit’s House. Solo lines for Housekeeper and Alice – opportunities for solo lines to be given to various creatures.

There’s Only One Of Me

Caterpillar’s number. This could be a solo or ensemble vocal number. Opportunity for flower ballet dance.

Tea Party

Full Company Number featuring the Mad Hatter, March Hare, Dormouse & Alice. Creatures of Wonderland enjoy a decadent Tea Party.

Don’t Smell The Roses

Full Company Number featuring the cards of Wonderland.

Off With Their Heads

Queen of Hearts solo number.

Croquet Dance Number

Full Company Number featuring the cards and the Royal Court.

Dance Break included within this number

I must Believe In Me

Cheshire Cat and Alice Solo Number with the possible option of including ensemble vocals as the creatures of Wonderland cheer Alice on.

Lobster Quadrille

Full Company Number featuring the Gryphon and Mock Turtle as they teach Alice a formal dance from their school days assisted by the creatures of Wonderland.

The Guilty One

Full Company Number. The dramatic conclusion of Alice’s time in Wonderland and the trial of the Knave who sole the Jam Tarts.

Card Chase with Alice

Dance opportunity to assist with any set changes.

So Who’d Ask For More Reprise

Full Company Number set in the Village led by the Town Cryer and Alice with full company rejoicing that Alice is home.

Resources Available

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·         Backing tracks on request

·         Props list

·         Costume plot

Licensing Information

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