George And The Dragon



The Villagers of Cyrene are terrified! A fire breathing dragon, lives in a cave beneath their village and each month a villager is sacrificed to the creature to try and keep Cyrene safe. Every month a different villager’s name is pulled from the pot and on this particular day Princess Sabra’s name is drawn! The King and the courtiers are devastated but they must agree to sacrifice the Princess. The dreaded day finally arrives but on their way to meet the Dragon, Princess Sabra and the Villagers are met by a handsome, brave Knight, George who promises to save the day and rescue the Princess!

Will George be brave enough to take on a fire-breathing dragon?

How on earth is he going to save the day and will he live to tell the tale?

Featuring brand new music this show is a great way to discover and explore one of the most famous medieval legends.

Full Synopsis

Set in the Village of Cyrene our story opens with the musical number A Name from the Pot. Through the number and opening scene we discover that a fire-breathing dragon lives in a cave underneath the village and that whenever the dragon breaths on a person or an animal, they die on the spot. At first the dragon breathed on all the sheep that lived in the fields around the city. Then he started to attack the people, and threatened to kill them one and all. The people of Cyrene had had no choice and so they had agreed to give the dragon one person every month, so long as he left the others alone and unharmed for the rest of the time – and they decide which person is to be sacrificed each month by drawing names out of an urn!

On this particular day it is Princess Sabra’s name that is drawn from the pot and King Ilios is distraught. The King begs the villagers to spare his daughter’s life and offers them gold and treasure but the courtiers manager to convince the King the monthly selection must be fair or else the rest of the Villagers will no longer accept it in the number Simply the Way of Things.

The King is desperately unhappy but agrees and says to Princess Sabra “My dear, I shall never see your wedding day.”

Princess Sabra is very upset but realises that this is her fate she and her best friend Illi and Lalla discuss how lucky she has been in her life and all the exciting times they have had in the palace up to now. They sing Best Day So Far as they reminiscence about their favourite, funniest moments.

A week later the day arrives when Princess Sabra must meet her fate, dressed in her wedding dress the King, Princess and all the courtiers and villagers head down to meet the Dragon but before they get there Lalla notices a Knight riding into Cyrene.

George enters and sees Princess Sabra and asks why such a beautiful young woman looks so sad on her wedding day. The Villagers explain that according to law she must marry the dragon and be eaten by him to save the Villagers. George is horrified and vows to slay the dragon!

Xerxes and Simeon arrive and George explains to them what he has agreed to do, Xerxes is horrified that George has agreed to get involved in something so dangerous while Simeon, who loves adventure is distraught he did arrive first so he could be the hero!

George, Xerxes and Simeon sing Brave Enough as George summons his energy to defeat the tyrannical dragon.

A battle occurs between George and the Dragon and an instrumental number is used to symbolise the fight and slaying of the deadly beast.

George rescues Princess Sabra and as they walk back to the Village Princess Sabra tells him how much she would like to explore so George suggests they get married and that she join him and his friends on their adventures as they continue their travels as brave Knights. The sing So Many Adventures Yet To Come.

The Villagers welcome Princess Sabra, George, Xerxes and Simeon into Cyrene and King Ilios who is delighted his daughter and village have been saved agrees to the marriage of George and Princess Sabra with the show culminating in the celebration song We Are Saved.

Cast List

7 Lead Roles

25 Supporting Roles – one cast member could easily play more than one role.

Flexible Ensemble group made up of Villagers of Cyrene, palace courtiers and Knights.


Character and Casting Call Breakdown


A gallant and kind Knight who will do anything to save Princess Sabra and loves to have adventures.

King lios 

A comedy King role who can be silly and stubborn but loves his daughter and villagers a great deal and really wants to be able to save them all.


A villager who is also one of Princess Sabra’s best friends.


Illi’s sister and another villager who sees George first when he arrives in Cyrene

Princess Sabra  

The beautiful and graceful Princess who almost ends up being eaten by the Dragon until she is rescued by George.


Another Knight and best friend of George. Xerxes is a real comedy character and very scared of the dragon.


Another Knight and friend of George who is upset he did arrive in Cyrene first so that he could have saved the day.

Song List

1.A Name from the Pot

Full Company Number set in the Village Square

2.Simply the Way of Things

Full Company Number led by the Courtiers

3.Best Day So Far

Princess Sabra, Illi and Lalla sing this song in the Palace, other Courtiers could be included to make this a full company number if required.

4.Brave Enough

George, Xerxes and Simeon sing this number. The Full Company can be included in the Chorus if required.

5. Battle Song to defeat the dragon – INSTRUMENTAL

6.So Many Adventures Yet To Come

Princess Sabra and George sing this with sections for Xerxes and Simeon

7.We Are Saved

Full Company number

Resources Available

  • Vocal Score
  • Props list
  • Costume plot
  • Teachers Pack
  • Choreography support guide