Aladdin – A Musical Pantomime

Aladdin! A Musical Pantomime

Book, Music and Lyrics by Phil Dennis, Catherine Lomax & Khiley Williams

A spectacular pantomime celebrating this classic tale!

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A spectacular pantomime celebrating this classic tale!

Packed with the traditional pantomime ingredients join our host of zany characters as Aladdin discovers a wish-fulfilling genie, a wicked sorcerer and a lamp-full of laughs! Featuring brand new music this show combines the classical elements of pantomime with lots of laughter and bags of fun!

Full Synopsis

Set in Old Peking and opening with the full company number Life in the Market, we meet the fun and friendly Aladdin and his comical brother Wishee-Washee as well as a host of eccentric market traders. As our hero and his best friend make their way through the busy streets they see the powerful Sultan and his beautiful daughter, Princess Jasmine as they make their way to the market square. Completely transfixed by Princess Jasmine’s beauty Aladdin is amazed when the Sultan announces that he is throwing a party to find the most handsome, kindest man for his daughter to marry. Aladdin is determined to win Princess Jasmine’s hand in marriage until he hears the Sultan say that Jasmine’s future husband must be a Prince!

The second full company number, No Prince Here, is sung by all the people of Old Peking as they discuss what the Sultan has just said and from which far away land a Prince will come to win Princess Jasmine’s hand in marriage as they return to their work.

As the street scene empties we notice Abanazar, a powerful and wicked sorcerer who works for the Sultan with his side-kick, Kung Po. We discover that Abanazar is determined to claim Princess Jasmine as his bride so that he can become Sultan and leader of Old Peking but Kung Po, doesn’t understand why Abanazar doesn’t just take over now with all of his magical powers. Abanazar explains that there is a powerful lamp hidden in a cave but that only Aladdin can enter. Abanazar hatches an evil plan to use Aladdin to get him the lamp and then Abanazar will be the most powerful man in the World.

Meanwhile in the palace gardens Princess Jasmine is surrounded by the courtiers and her ladies in waiting, Making My Own Choices, is the company number featuring a dance routine, in which we see how much Princess Jasmine wants to make her own decisions and fall in love rather than just be married off to a wealthy Prince. As the Princess is singing Aladdin who is delivering the palace’s laundry overhears her and they see each other and instantly fall in love until Raj the Tiger, Princess Jasmine’s best friend, chases him away because he’s jealous.

After being chased away by Raj Aladdin returns home to his mother, Widow Twanky’s laundry and tells her that he has fallen in love, with lots of comic moments this scene also features Abanazar’s entrance into Widdow Twanky’s laundry and his claims that he is Aladdin’s long lost Uncle. Widdow Twanky doesn’t remember her late husband having a brother but after Abanazar shows her some gold coins and says he needs to borrow Aladdin and that they will be handsomely rewarded she suddenly remembers him and they all sing Nothing Like Family before Abanazar and Aladdin leave.

Aladdin, Kung Po and Abanazar arrive at the cave of the lamp but Abanazar cannot get the cave to open, only Aladdin, with a little help from the audience can get the cave to open when they all shout ‘Open Sesame’.

Aladdin makes his way through the cave, past mountains of treasure until he sees the dirty old lamp, he takes the lamp and starts to make his way back out of the cave but cannot resist taking a little treasure and so the cave closes up and he is stuck while we hear Abanazar scream in frustration!

Aladdin realising he is stuck in the cave asks the audience for help and he soon discovers he needs to rub the lamp at which point the Genie appears.

The Genie of the lamp appears in a flash- with the words “Master! Your wish is my command!” and the entire company appear parading the jewels and treasure in the number Our Wish is Your Command.

The Genie frees Aladdin from the cave and they soon arrive back in Widow Twanky’s laundry where Aladdin uses his second wish to become a rich and handsome Prince. Widow Twanky is delighted that they have gone up in the World and they have a procession to the Sultan’s palace so that Aladdin can ask for Princess Jasmine’s hand in marriage.

The Sultan and Princess Jasmine are delighted to welcome Prince Aladdin and the Sultan happily agrees to the marriage but while the Sultan and Aladdin are discussing the wedding of the century Princess Jasmine hears an old beggar crying ‘New Lamps for Old’. Seeing Aladdin’s dirty old lamp she decides to impress her future husband by getting him an even better lamp and so she gives Aladdin’s lamp to the peddler who is Abanazar in disguise!

Abanazar reveals his true identity and summons the Genie of the lamp who is forced to obey him. He steals Princess Jasmine and Aladdin vows to find and save her in Travel to the End of the Earth

The action now moves to Abanazar’s lair, as Aladdin searches for Princess Jasmine Widow Twanky, the Sultan and Wishee-Washee are spooked in the traditional comedy ghost gag routine.

Abanazar discovers that they are in his lair but is distracted by the Dance of the Tea Towels as Aladdin finds the magic lamp and summons the Genie for his third and final wish. Aladdin wishes for them to all return safely to Old Peking leaving Abanazar behind on his own and the Sultan happily grants Aladdin permission to marry his daughter Princess Jasmine, the full company celebrate with the final number Our future Begins.

Cast List

9 Lead Roles

30 Supporting Roles – one cast member could easily play more than one role.

Flexible Ensemble group made up of market traders, Old Peking residents and courtiers.


A poor boy from Old Peking, he longs for adventure and loves Princess Jasmine.


Aladdin’s brother. The comic of the show, always very silly but with a loveable nature.

Widow Twanky

Aladdin and Wishee-Washee’s Mum, usually a man dressed as a woman. Widow Twanky is very funny and probably fancies Abanazar when she first meets him.


A wicked and evil sorcerer.

Kung Po 

Abanazar’s side-kick, he mean but also a bit dozy and never gets things right.


The King of Old Peking and Princess Jasmine’s Father.

Princess Jasmine    

A beautiful Princess, daughter of the Sultan and the girl that Aladdin wants to marry.

Raj – the Tiger

Princess Jasmine’s best friend. This is a non-speaking role and would be great for a physical performer.


The Genie of the Lamp is funny and clever and has a soft spot for Aladdin because he shows him so much kindness.


Song List

Life in the Market

Full Company Number

No Prince Here

Full Company Number

Making My Own Choices

Full Company Number – led by Princess Jasmine

Nothing Like Family

Widdow Twanky, Abanazar, Aladdin and Wishee-Washee (Full company if required)

Our Wish is Your Command

Full Company Number

Travel to the End of the Earth

Full Company Number

Dance of the Tea Towels


Our future Begins

Full Company Number

Resources Available

  • Vocal Score
  • Props list
  • Costume plot
  • Logo Pack
  • Teachers Pack
  • Choreography support guide

Licensing Information

Available for Professional, Amateur and/or Schools productions. Please contact us for more information.